Motor Cycles.... What Bikes did YOU ride... by Old2cvman

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Motor Cycles.... What Bikes did YOU ride... by Old2cvman

Messagepar old2cvman » 17 févr. 2018, 21:13

Thanks to the Sites Admin Crew, for allowing this subject matter to be posted... its right up my territory .. as a Young man owned quite a few motor Bikes.. I bought my First Motor Cycle in 1947, always bought new machines too, a B.S.A. B.33. Red & Chrome petrol Tank 500 C.C. from a big dealership in Liverpool in those times Victor Horsmans.. it cost me £ 295. I was Sixteen years of age.

I got a few tuition lessons from one of my family elders, Home from the War in Europe, he was a keen Motor Cyclist in the 1930s...and soon I was very proficient, and passed my Driving Test... I still have my First Licence now.
A year went by'e and I part exchanged my B.S.A. for a New VINCENT, which was the Rolls Royce of Motor bikes in those day, it cost me £ 395. today this machine is fetching Twelve Thousand pounds on E.Bay...very collectible

I used this every day travelling to work, untill I joined the Army 1950.. then I served in the Sudan and the Middle east for Three years

After my Army experiences and Demob. I became a Long Distance Juggernaut Jockey, plus a Free Lance Journalist Photographer, which lasted almost 50 years in total, working in Europe and North America.. and at the age of 72 I was driving 628 miles every nite for a Living.

In the mid 1955 era I fell in Love with Citroen 2 C,V, Cars and subsequently owned about a Dozen variants, and built some extra special models of my own.. my present one I have run since 1966,

In the 1978 period I became a Motor Cyclist again as a secondary means of travelling distances in a hurry I had a huge variety of machines, of the day, Two Suzuki Trail Bikes, One Honda Trail Bike, One Ariel Trail Bike and Side Chair, and my final Bike was a New C.X. Honda Shaft Drive model.which I used for quick 400 mile trips up and down to London at weekends, to Interview Hollywood STAR who were in Town Filming , I did this until I called time on this mode in the 2000 period... and just relied on Citroen's and other variants of Cars.
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Re: Motor Cycles.... What Bikes did YOU ride... by Old2cvman

Messagepar Deuchémoi » 18 févr. 2018, 11:14

Post moved to the right place !

You should have a look to this one :
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