On the Street were I Live..... A Nightmare for a 2.C.V.

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On the Street were I Live..... A Nightmare for a 2.C.V.

Messagepar old2cvman » 31 mars 2018, 21:04

I.ve drove a Thousand miles down this road, in that past 66 years, Onto the street were I live.. the continuation is eventually East Millwood Road. Speke. Its now nick named by me Wrecking Road..... its absolute atrocious . I have submitted enough material complaints matter to this Cities Council , Highways Department & now to the Proceedings compensations department, since the middle of January, and it just falls on deaf ears.....the documented evidence I have sent them is enough to warrant a long running Television Series , in my opinion

My Story line would be a BAFTA award nomination, if this came to pass....... " I can Dream Cant I, " Readers ???

Its a human interest story that many .... many more Road user's can identify with in Liverpool.
After almost writing off my vehicle, which I have meticulously ran and lovingly maintained for 51 years, the atrocious Pot Holes scourge caught up with my vehicle, ripping into its suspension bowels and exhausts system, and road rear axle assemblies.

But like me Old Soldiers never Die.... I performed every conceivable operation to save its life, I worked on it daily from January 14th five hours daily until March 16th through every weather imaginable on the front of my Home.. Rain .Hail. & Snow. never deterred ME .
During this period lying under the car weeks on end, I developed a swelling on my Neck Lymph Gland.. but this did not stop me, from my project, I carried on regardless, during this period my Neck worsened to the point of six assorted M.R.I. P.E.T.E. Ultra sound and Throat scans, at five different Hospitals , five specialists examinations that could not identify my complaint, until finally Aintree E.N.T. top specialist Prof T.M. Jones nailed it, on March 16th as Parotidectomy, Endoscopy Neck Dissection, require instantly.... Two days later I was in Aintree University Hospital, having a Life Saving operation, that took a team of seven surgeons and Ten Hours to perform on ME. that was March 19th.... today I had 30 metal staples removed from my Neck at Garston Hospital.. wonderful staff here too.

Now facing months of recuperation and two months of Daily Radiation treatment at Clatter Bridge Hospital... my next venture.
My Beloved Citroen 2 C.V. is fully rebuilt, but she will obviously be left to rest peacefully into the fair weather joins us Both .. summer

Some time life can be a Pain in the Neck, it could happen to You.

Hello Friends Barry penning an announcement, the Health distributors paid me another visit recently,the first week of January it seems I am enjoying Old Age to comfortably… working under my Car fleet, carrying out essential maintenance.
This daily activity stimulates my Brain, and Body abilities keeping me in pristine condition.. for 86 years of age regardless of what the Weather Man throws at me.

Since an episode on January 12th 2018, when I collided with a huge Road Crater, and subsequent immediately after this a Slow Down Speed Hump, on Hale Road in Speke, my health has deterred immensely,

On January 14th I commenced a huge major job under my Car removing the Suspension Cylinder System, that had been torn out of its fixing brackets, in the impact, which also wrote of my exhaust system as well, further under vehicle examination revealed One side rear Axle , which are Five inch Diameter tubular construction had a split in its where the suspension cylinders attach .

A sizable two days work stripping off all this Damage… pacing my self at five hours a day in Furkin Freezing Weather……

But I am dedicated to this vehicle having ran it for 51 years…every thing is Second Nature to me in this Project.

A week into this work I began suffering a stiffening in my Neck to Shoulder Area, but as old Soldiers do I carried on regardless, a few days later my Neck Left side developed a huge swelling the size of a half boiled egg… excuse my description…

So it was a trip to see Doctor Quack at our Surgery.

He examined my Neck area , bewildered at what to assume, then suggested a coarse of Penicillin tablets for a week, and mean while he would arrange a Hospital consultation, A week later I visited Whiston Hospital ,February 6th to see a Neck Specialist, this resulted in a Camera up my Nostrils, then down my Throat, and into my Ears, then an Ultra Sound Scan of the infected area, and a blood Test… 5 hours this took.
February 12th a return to St Helens Hospital, for an M.R.I. Scan…. A dreadful nightmare event…, which took an hour of unforgettable, distress beyond description. Then more Blood extraction, before being ushered out of their site…without any explanations.
Next Morning a return visit to Whiston Hospital February 13th, to see the Neck specialist Head Man, plus the original Doctor of my first visit, then a secondary Doctor brought in, then a fourth Doctor a Plastics Surgeon operative… after further Cameras up my Nose and Throat, they concluded that they want to do this earlier procedure all over again … time is to be confirmed by a letter A.S.A.P.
An experience I am not looking forward too.
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Citroen Exhausts low to ground . Jan. 12th 2018.JPG (127.35 Kio) Consulté 201 fois
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Re: On the Street were I Live..... A Nightmare for a 2.C.V.

Messagepar Deuchémoi » 01 avr. 2018, 08:37

Ouch !
Désolé de ce qui t'arrive !
Je te souhaite un bon rétablissement et encore de longues heures sous tes voitures, quand tu iras mieux !
Happy Easter !
Pas de demande d'aide en Message Privé. Toutes les demandes se font dans les salons publics. Merci !

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Re: On the Street were I Live..... A Nightmare for a 2.C.V.

Messagepar zamzam » 01 avr. 2018, 09:34

Hi !
One thing that reassure me is that even in your hospital bed you still have smile !
Be strong, hope you'll soon be better because your 2CV is waiting for you. :D :salut:
ça fait longtemps que je le couvais ... j'ai fait une rechute !
La 2CV : la seule voiture "open source"

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Ma deuche : 2cv
Date de naissance : 15 septembre 1931
Localisation : liverpool. england

Re: On the Street were I Live..... A Nightmare for a 2.C.V.

Messagepar old2cvman » 01 avr. 2018, 11:57

Many Thanks ZamZam ,and my European Family of Friends... we all love Citroen 2 C.V.s its our common bond. Luckily my Citroen like myself is Resting and Recuperating.... old Soldiers never Die...

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Re: On the Street were I Live..... A Nightmare for a 2.C.V.

Messagepar Math 2cv » 04 avr. 2018, 20:16

Merci pour les photos, c'est agréable quand on les regarde avant de manger ! :|
Quelle boucherie, on dirait un rosbeef ! Ben justement, ça tombe bien ! :siffle:

Bon rétablissement quand même
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