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It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 01 févr. 2018, 21:17
par old2cvman
Old2cvman... stopping by'e with another Historic memory...... I built this Red Devil, in the early 1980s... from a scrapper I bought cheap.....another vehicle to my abundance fleet, of 2 C.V. variants that a used at weekend events, I ran this for approx five years.... before she sadly died. in a quick Cremation Ceremony.

I was driving home from work one evening, and the Petrol delivery pipe up to the Carburetor, slipped of its mounting and pumped fuel onto a red hot manifold, the underside of my Bonnet was lined with 2 inch thick noise eliminating Wadding, which caught fire instantly... in 6 seconds of braking and jumping out the Car to save my Life... she was gone.... before you ask..... Oh Yes I had a Commercial Heavy duty extinguisher under the passenger seat... it was a senario of Run for your Life.

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 01 févr. 2018, 22:41
par zamzam
old2cvman a écrit :the Petrol delivery pipe up to the Carburetor, slipped of its mounting .

The solution is call "serflex" :siffle:
PS : you seem had a rich life !

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 02 févr. 2018, 06:29
par Poyducotam
The lesson is ?
Always buy an extinguisher ? Ask your passenger to watch after de fuel pipe ?
Not of all, today's lesson is : fuel pipe end must be strongly tight Serflex or Colson band.

Anyway, she was saved and you too :pouce:

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 02 févr. 2018, 07:10
par Deuchémoi
Hello !
I put your story in the right section ! :wink:
Ouch ! Poor car ! You save your life, it the most important ... (The AUDI in the back seems to have had the same story as yours :mdr: )
As David (Zamzam) said, you had (have !!!) a very busy life ! :o

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 02 févr. 2018, 08:38
par Daithi
Rich life indeed :tchin:

...............avec un modèle unique, un 2CV4 de '66 :cafe:

...............mais il était bercer comment? ce garçon? :???:

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 02 févr. 2018, 17:44
par Marcus06
Why died ? Ready for re-building and for a new life !

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 05 févr. 2018, 15:26
par vinss789
thanks for sharing your story(ies) here, that's a nice effort to look for and write on a french forum ! and such a pleasure for us to read those stories

A Boot Lid Box.... for quick shopping spree.

Publié : 06 févr. 2018, 17:44
par old2cvman
Thank You ..member Vinss789..... for your encouraging lovely comment, all my postings, are aimed as enjoyable experiences, that I have encountered in 60 years of , sharing with other lovers of Citroen 2 C.V. vehicles , is what all my Stories are all about.... no other motive ..... I am glad you like my input to this wonderful site...... Mister Administator ????

Here is a little original Boot Lid Box I manufactured, my first attempt from Two Washing machine Lids,, and a little ingenuity.... as time passed , a more modified version , which I made from a thrown away Refrigerator.... the Spare wheel showing is decoration.... but it does bring the character to life too. and it hold more daily findings.... for my forth coming projects.

During the last War... My City of Liverpool was pounded nightly by German Bombers,from 1939 until mid 1943 ,,then it became Flying Bombs sent from the French coast cities, untill 1944 the Invasion of Europe. As As a young Boy aged eight, and my next brother aged 10 we daily rummaged throughout Bombed properties, and salvaged anything that was us full in those Hard other Three siblings served in the services, One in North Africa, with the Eighth Army, One in the European theatre of War, and one in the Far East. This knowledge has never left my mind, thats why I have some many talents at manufacturing any thing I need in Life.... its a Challenge thats in stilled in ME...a good code of practice. that pays big dividends, if your enterprising.

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 26 févr. 2018, 22:17
par igli83
:salut: Hello, my english brother, your 2cv is really great, it will be an American England, we call the 2cv iron snail :mdr:

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 27 févr. 2018, 13:57
par old2cvman
My vehicles are always modified, improvisation gives them the Kiss of Long Life... this is 52 years young...any one with loads of Money can purchase new panels and parts, but my approach is re manufacture your self every thing you need, this way experience teaches you knowledge and skills, I have just re strengthened all my rear under the Boot Chassis, with steel fit for a Battle Ship, and the Chassis Edged with Angle Iron.... its therapeutic experience, and stimulates my BRAIN and my ABILITIES to improve on things.

I dont build these to Win academy awards .. or compliments from 2 C.V. owners, I do this to sustain road worthy vehicles that will last a life time, with minimal break downs....

Re: Citroen 2 C.V. s are habitual, they crave attention .

Publié : 10 oct. 2018, 21:26
par old2cvman
Hello all readers.... Old2cvman... stopping bye,its been some time since I contributed some dialogue to these pages... for those who remember my posts, I under went life saving surgery, on March 19th, after the beloved Dream Car of my life, dropped of the Jack, onto my Left Shoulder and neck area, which resulted in a Neck Dissection Eleven hours event in Surgery.
At 86 years young... this is quite an ordeal.... but I over came this and bounced back very gradually.

At this time my Citroen was almost like me... a basket case, but I eventually got it back in shape, and sued my city council.. which I was awarded £ 400...for Road Pot holes under body damage.

She has been running fine, for several months now, as too have myself, with various occupational projects, mainly my front Garden modification, See just a couple of pictures attached.

However a few weeks ago, whilst out driving, my Steering arm linkage to the Hub came adrift, left hand side, ( My vehicle is a Left Hand drive ) I had just made a right turn on a main junction, 7 a.m. Sunday morning, and was starting to accelerate , suddenly the left wheel turned complete left, and the car raised nose dived onto the Sidewalk.. and collapsed..

I was four miles from home, after inspection, I cut the near side safety belt, and fabricated it to bandage the axle arm, in a forward rolling position, and with numerous endeavors steering the vehicle I got the vehicle home.....which took best part of an hour to do.

I have since rebuilt from my spares stock pile,another N.Side axle beam, and Hub assembly, I modified the King Pin fitting thru the Axle beam, drilling the beam out with a 17 mm drill, and subsequently fitting King Pin bushes in the Beam as well as the Swivel Hub mounting. So there is still life in this old Jalopy which I have ran and modified since I acquired 53 years ago, it will still run from Liverpool England , down to Monte Carlo, France a distance of 1362 miles in Thirty one hours none stop .. I used to do it from time to time, to the Cannes Film Festival .

But thats another Story Folks.

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 11 oct. 2018, 07:23
par Deuchémoi
Hello old2cvman !
J'ai déplacé ton message pour le mettre à la suite de tes mésaventures.
Toujours une bonne astuce dans le fond de ta poche pour te sortir d'un mauvais pas ...

Old2cvman once again.... THANKING EVERYONE for there kind responses to my POSTS.

Publié : 11 oct. 2018, 16:16
par old2cvman
Hello.... I know its difficult, corresponding on a European site , but our common bonds, is Our affection for Citroen 2 C.V. vehicles..... sharing pieces of knowledge, with dedicated readers, is a great motivation.... and subject matters can expand to many other facilitates as we all know.

A point of interest brought this forward , many moons ago, when we chatted and displayed interests in Motor Cycles we have individually owned.

Once a door is opened, who knows what can transpire..... thats what lifes all about .

I have two Internet site, that I administrate on Face Book, which cover Old Hollywood Stars, I have been a movie buff since my infancy... and I pursued this Dream all my working Life, as a Long Distance Truck Driver, Paparattzi Photographer, which took me for dozens of trips to north America, in search of the Un -reachable Stars .
And like the Man of La Mancha ....... I reached my Goal.

I did this for 50 years in total, and I became friends with Hollywood's finest actors.
My exploits are on YOU TUBE ... in Star interviews... for those interested in such matters search under Barry Iddon Star Interviews .

P.S. This isn't a plug for any reason, its just every day conversation topicality.

Re: It only took a moment, This could happen to YOU.

Publié : 24 oct. 2019, 16:50
par Barbe-Noire
Hello ! :salut:

I just read the messages and look at the photos of old2cvman, I must say that I am .... very pleasantly surprised by a life so rich and varied ! :shock: , bravo sir for this wonderful journey of life, and above all, how do you do to be as ... true and simple ?, it is hardly credible !
my most respectful greetings.